Lincoln Project co-founder ‘resigns’ from super PAC amid revelations of scandal

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt ‘resigns’ from super PAC to ‘make room for a female appointment’ amid revelations as scandal grows over allegations John Weaver sexually harassed multiple young men.

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt RESIGNS to ‘make room for a female’ in letter saying he was ‘abused as a Boy Scout’ as FBI investigates John Weaver for ‘sexually harassing’ young men.

*Schmidt’s resignation on Friday, revealed by Axios, comes as the group faces accusations it mishandled sexual assault allegations;

*The resignation comes after former employees slammed Schmidt in an open letter;

*Former employees claim Schmidt and others knew last summer against claims leveled against co-founder 61-yr. old John Weaver;

*Weaver allegedly tried to solicit sex from young men by offering them professional advancement;

*At least three other employees have also resigned from the group by Friday;

*The FBI is reportedly investigating allegations Weaver sexually harassed young men and interns;


PUBLISHED: 19:21 EST, 12 February 2021 | UPDATED: 20:35 EST, 12 February 2021

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt has reportedly resigned from its board amid scandal facing the anti-Trump super PAC.

Schmidt’s resignation on Friday, revealed by Axios, comes after former employees singled him out in an open letter accusing the Lincoln Project of mishandling sexual harassment allegations leveled against co-founder John Weaver.

The former employees claim that Schmidt and others within the Lincoln Project knew last summer that Weaver allegedly tried to solicit sex from young men by offering them professional advancement.

Weaver has been accused of using his influence to sexually harass young men and solicit them for sex

The conservative group also faces criticism for reportedly taking in huge profits and spending them on consulting firms controlled by the group’s leaders.

The conservative group also faces criticism as Fox News reported Schmidt bought a million-dollar home in Utah as the Lincoln Project raked in huge profits it spent on consulting firms controlled by the group’s leaders.

The Lincoln Project has reportedly raised more than $90 million since its creation in 2019 but has spent more than $50 million on the consulting companies.

Schmidt bought the $1.4 million custom home in Kamas, Utah, according to property records and real estate listings reviewed by the outlet.

The home, which Schmidt is currently trying to resell the home for more than $2.9 million, boasts five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Weaver left Project Lincoln left last month after it was publicly alleged he offered young men professional support in exchange for sex.

The recent letter from six former staffers demands that the Lincoln Project release them from non-disclosure agreements they signed so they can publicly talk about the claims against him, according to The New York Times.

Schmidt has also been slammed by the former employees for his attacks on former co-founder Jennifer Horn.

John Weaver is alleged to have targeted a 14-year-old boy and two members of the Lincoln Project’s own staff – with its leaders warned in June 2020 but doing nothing, then saying they were ‘shocked’ when revelations emerged publicly in January.

Schmidt is a veteran Republican operative who formerly worked as an adviser to Sen. John McCain.

The Lincoln Project announced plans late on Thursday to launch an external investigation to probe claims they knew about sexual misconduct allegations against Weaver before he left the group.

The organization had said that anyone bound by a nondisclosure should contact the Lincoln Project ‘for a release’.

The six staffers, however, said in an open letter they weren’t comfortable doing so.

‘Expecting victims and those close to victims to contact and engage the people and organization accused of protecting the very predator at issue is absurd, unreasonable and insensitive,’ they said.

By Friday, several others had also resigned from the super PAC.

Lincoln Project spokesperson Kurt Bardella told Axios that he had resigned his position. Nayyera Haq, who joined the group this week as a video series host, also resigned.

Columnist Tom Nichols said he was ‘stepping down as an unpaid advisor’ on Friday, according to the outlet.

Earlier on Friday, it was revealed that the FBI is investigating the allegations against the 61-year-old Weaver.

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