Dear Media/Moderate Democrats: Can you please stop trying to help resurrect the GOP and give them a decent burial instead?

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on May 12, 2021 following her ouster as chair of the House Republican Conference.

Try not to cry too hard for Liz Cheney OR the dead GOP party. Remember, Liz Cheney is like her Dad, Dick Cheney who still wants to know how did our oil get underneath their sand?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Donald J. Trump for: 1) destroying the old school Republican Party; 2) destroying the “new” Trumpcentric Republican Party’s chances of ever winning back the White House, the Senate and the House at least for the remainder of this decade, if not for another decade or two.
Today, “old school Republicans” announced their plan to institute a third party to challenge the new Trumpcentric GOP Party.

This is fantastic news for the Democrat Party, especially progressives inside the Democrat Party. I’m hear to tell you if old school GOPers do indeed form a third party and get on all the ballots in all the states, such an arrangement will virtually GUARANTEE THE DIMINUTION OF THE CONSERVATIVE VOTE so as to ensure Democrat Party victory across the board in the White House, Senate and the House FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME.

Some media pundits make the claim that America needs a strong opposition Republican Party and needs bi-partisan legislation for the betterment of America – I 110% DISAGREE.

Understanding why bi-partisanship doesn’t work in the 21st century requires one to understand the majority will of the People. A majority of voters seek goals and solutions not found in bi-partisan solutions. By the way, there are no “bi-partisan winners” in federal elections. The winning party owe a duty to the voters who put them in office – not the voters who OPPOSED putting the winning party in office. “Bi-partisanship” has been the date rape drug of the GOP for years, always putting the Democrats to sleep, politically neutering Democrat goals and needs while the GOP singlehandedly advances conservative goals and wants. This year in 2021 corporate media and moderate Democrats seem immune to the majority will of the voter, instead opting to the pitiful attempted resurrection of the old school GOP and conservativism. Dear Media Pundits and moderate Democrats: PUT DOWN THE GOP AND STEP BACK AWAY FROM THE ENTIRE GOP. Let’s at least give them a decent burial.

Dear Believers in Bi-Partisanship: Do you understand what makes a democracy? A democracy requires free and independent courts and MAJORITY RULE. A majority will of voters include goals and needs not found in bi-partisan solutions, but found in specific solutions born of a MAJORITY RULE. This has been demonstrated by none other than Mitch McConnell who for 12 years didn’t GIVE A DAMN ABOUT BI-PARTISANSHIP as he CANCELLED virtually every good bi-partisan bill sent his way, instead opting to implement the majority will of GOP and some independent voters who put the GOP in control of the Senate for years. As McConnell likes to say, “Elections have consequences.” As someone once said, “It’s no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.”

Objective, forward-leaning sane voters seek goals and solutions simply not found in the current GOP agenda or even a new third conservative party agenda. Again, Thank You Donald Trump for sinking the Republican Party in all its forms and offspring.

Old school Republicans and any third party they create, will remain sane enough to conduct themselves as gracious losers, unwilling to theaten democracy due to their losses; however, the thing to remember about old school GOPers (insert new conservative party name here) is they still share many of the same bad ideas and goals Donald Trump and his cult followers promote and believe.

For example, Trumpsters believe in small federal government, lower taxes, oppose public education funding, believe their religious freedom gives them an imagined right to discriminate against people they don’t like, i.e. blacks, LBGTQ, single-parent women in the workplace, etc. and they believe in “owning the libs” just like the old school GOPers;

My point is, Donald Trump hijacking the Republican Party is resulting in the long-term decimation of the Republican Party and the rise of the Democrat Party and progressivism for years if not for decades to come. The American people are not going to forget the shenanigans and suffering old school GOPers, Trump and his followers have foisted upon the American people for the past four years and longer. The American voter will not forget the Trump/GOP insurrection attack and attempted overthrow of the U.S. government at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The American voter will not forget former GOP Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and his 12-year long reign of terror over the American people. American voters will NOT forget how former Pres. Trump literally caused the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans by failing to issue a mask mandate early on. Americans will never forget how Trump recommended that Americans could inject bleach as a cure for coronavirus. Americans will never forget how the GOP merged with White Supremacists to attack BLM and democracy itself. Conservatives will never be able to untick this clock or put the toothpaste back in the old school tube again.

GOP Ouster of ‘Xenophobic Extremist’ Liz Cheney Called ‘Flashing Red Danger Sign’ for Democracy “Political parties that promote lies and propaganda are setting their countries up for authoritarianism and fascism.”
by Brett Wilkins – Wednesday, May 12, 2021 by Common Dreams

Dear Media/Moderate Democrats: Can you please stop trying to help resurrect the GOP and give them a decent burial instead?

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