Day: May 15, 2021

Bernie Sanders declares that ‘Palestinian lives matter’ in powerful op-ed

Kenny Stancil and Common Dreams May 14, 2021

Offering further evidence that the rights of Palestinians are receiving more vocal support from U.S. Congress members than at any time in living memory, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday published an opinion piece in the New York Times demanding a more “even-handed” and morally consistent approach to Israel and Palestine that promotes peace.

Early in his essay, the Independent senator from Vermont posed a question: “Why do we only seem to take notice of the violence in Israel and Palestine when rockets are falling on Israel?”

Whenever this happens, Sanders noted, Democratic

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The Era of Hate

I see TV and online pundits asking the question, Why do Republicans and GOP governors want to take away the $300 a week pandemic unemployment benefits from the residents of their states?I say it’s the ole Master-slave relationship humming right along, working as it always has in America; the plantation-minded business owners and their Congressional buddies versus the worker slaves.

“When we want to give rich people incentive, we give them money – when we want to give poor people incentive, we take away money.” – John Kenneth Galbraith, economist

We live in an ERA OF HATE, an era that

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Yes, You Have A Right To Video Police

Turner v. Driver, No. 16-10312 (5th Cir. 2017)

Turner v. Driver, No. 16-10312, is a 2017 decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit that established a First Amendment right to record the police. One of the officers involved was criminally indicted for a similar incident around the same time.

Justia Opinion Summary

Plaintiff filed suit under 42 U.S.C. 1983 against three officers and the City of Fort Worth, alleging violations of his First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Plaintiff’s suit stemmed from his arrest after he was video recording a police station from a public sidewalk

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