The U.S. Department of Justice Needs To and Must Force AIPAC to Register As A Foreign Lobby Group.

The U.S. Department of Justice Needs To and Must Force AIPAC to Register As A Foreign Lobby Group.



(1) It is a federal crime for a foreign lobby group to make political campaign contributions to U.S. federal election candidates;

(2) If AIPAC were forced to register as a foreign lobby group, then AIPAC would be prohibited by federal law from making political campaign contributions to Congresssinal candidates running for federal office.

(3) For decades now AIPAC has been unlawfully influcing U.S. elections by making ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS to Congressional candidates, thereby unlawfully skewing U.S. elections.

Forget Russia and anyone else influencing U.S. elections; they didn’t even make a dent compared to the MASSIVE, MASSIVE LONG-TERM ILLEGAL INFLUENCE ON U.S. ELECTIONS AIPAC has been doing since AIPAC incorporated in 1963.

Jack and Bobby Kennedy fought VOCIFEROUSLY to stop Israel from hijacking Congress, by demanding and forcing the original Israeli lobby group, the American Zionist Council (AZC) to fulfill their legal obligation under federal law to register as a foreign lobby. AZC was the progenitor to AIPAC, the current ILLEGAL FOREIGN LOBBY GROUP, WHO REFUSES TO REGISTER AS A FOREIGN LOBBY BECAUSE THAT WOULD PRECLUDE THEM FROM MAKING POLITICAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES.

The American Zionist Council (AZC) was an Israeli lobby group formed in 1949, which represented nine nationwide Zionist organizations in matters related specifically to Zionism, following the independence of Israel. It was founded as a tax-exempt umbrella organization of American Jewish groups, which focused on Israel and included the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Hadassah and other Zionist organizations active in the United States. It acted as an umbrella group for public relations, outreach, and lobbying on Capitol Hill. Between 1951 and 1953, its Washington representative was Isaiah L. Kenen. Kenen organized the unincorporated American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs (AZCPA) in 1953. AZCPA was primarily a “public relations” organization, emitting numerous (but declining numbers of) news releases.

Isaiah L. “Si” Kenen

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee was founded in 1951 by Isaiah L. “Si” Kenen. Kenen originally ran the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs as a lobbying division of the American Zionist Council. Before that, Kenen was an employee of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to journalist Connie Bruck, AIPAC was incorporated in 1963 and headed by Kenen until he retired in 1974.

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, the United States Attorney General, forced the AZC to register as a foreign agent. In doing so, they were barred from making monetary contributions to U.S officials. Shortly thereafter, President Kennedy was assassinated and a new Israeli lobby group was formed, AIPAC.

To this day no government entity has attempted to make AIPAC register as a foreign agent.

Americans MUST FORCE AIPAC TO REGISTER AS A FOREIGN LOBBY, otherwise AIPAC will continue to make illegal campaign contributions to federal elections and continue their illegal domination of our Congress and foreign affairs committees. THIS IS HOW AIPAC HAS ENJOYED TREMENDOUS SUCCESS IN KEEPING THE U.S. GOV’T AND MILITARY IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR DECADES, BOMBING AND KILLING ISRAEL’S ENEMIES: (brown people who happen to be Muslim).

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David Grun (AKA David Ben-Gurion) was born in Plonsk, Congress Poland, Russian Empire October 16th, 1886.
72 years ago yesterday, May 15, 1948, this Polish man arrogantly declared a “Jewish” state in Palestine.

Seven days later, by his orders a vicious militia attacked families in the village of Tantura.

The militia killed over 300 villagers that were buried in a mass grave.

The surviving men and teenage boys were kidnapped and held in Zionist-run prison camps.

The women and younger children were exiled to a neighboring village and then used as pawns in a “prisoner” exchange with Jordan.

David Grun then “gave” Tantura to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) who then “gifted” the “free” land, homes, furniture, possessions to the “Kibbutz Movement” who established a “kibbutz beach resort” they call Nahsholim.

Less than 7 days later Zionist militia and Polish holocaust survivors moved into the houses belonging to Tantura Palestinian’s who until today, most remain living in refugee camps.

This is a 1963 telegram from the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel transmitting the text of a letter from President Kennedy to Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion on arrangements to visit Dimona.

Verbatim text. You should deliver following letter from President to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion:

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

“I welcome your letter of May 12 and am giving it careful study.

“Meanwhile, I have received from Ambassador Barbour a report of his conversation with you on May 14 regarding the arrangements for visiting the Dimona reactor. I should like to add some personal comments on that subject.

“I am sure you will agree that there is no more urgent business for the whole world than the control of nuclear weapons. We both recognized this when we talked together two years ago, and I emphasized it again when I met with Mrs. Meir just after Christmas. The dangers in the proliferation of national nuclear weapons systems are so obvious that I am sure I need not repeat them here.

“It is because of our preoccupation with this problem that my Government has sought to arrange with you for periodic visits to Dimona. When we spoke together in May 1961 you said that we might make whatever use we wished of the information resulting from the first visit of American scientists to Dimona and that you would agree to further visits by neutrals as well. I had assumed from Mrs. Meir’s comment that there would be no problem between us on this.

“We are concerned with the disturbing effects on world stability which would accompany the development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel. I cannot imagine that the Arabs would refrain from turning to the Soviet Union for assistance if Israel were to develop a nuclear weapons capability–with all the consequences this would hold. But the problem is much larger than its impact on the Middle East. Development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel would almost certainly lead other larger countries, that have so far refrained from such development, to feel that they must follow suit.

“As I made clear in my press conference of May 8, we have a deep commitment to the security of Israel. In addition this country supports Israel in a wide variety of other ways which are well known to both of us. [4-1/2 lines of source text not declassified]

“I can well appreciate your concern for developments in the UAR. But I see no present or imminent nuclear threat to Israel from there. I am assured that our intelligence on this question is good and that the Egyptians do not presently have any installation comparable to Dimona, nor any facilities potentially capable of nuclear weapons production. But, of course, if you have information that would support a contrary conclusion, I should like to receive it from you through Ambassador Barbour. We have the capacity to check it.

“I trust this message will convey the sense of urgency and the perspective in which I view your Government’s early assent to the proposal first put to you by Ambassador Barbour on April 2.


“John F. Kennedy”

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