Day: July 5, 2021

Donald T*ump claims, “I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created.”

In 2016 candidate Donald J. Trump exclaimed, “I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created.”

In 2021, after the Trump organization was indicted along with its CFO on 15 felony counts, Trump said, “Paying taxes on education for your grandchildren? Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

Trump is trying to have his cake and eat it too: Trump claims he knows more about taxes than anyone on Earth, but now in 2021 Trump feigns “ignorance of the law” when it comes to the 15 felony charges in the Trump organization indictment.

Dear Donald

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Steven Smith of West Virginia – “West Virginia Can’t Wait”

Mitch McConnell: “I admire Manchin’s willingness to protect the Senate as an institution. The filibuster is not so much about a particular issue, as it is about the Senate as an institution. It was constructed in the beginning of the country to slow things down, to make sure the right thing was done for the country.”

Steven Smith appeared on MSNBC today, June 12, 2021 and enlightened the guest host, Jeremiah Johnson as to the state of politics in West Virginia.

Johnson: “Joining me now, co-Chair of WEST VIRGINIA CAN’T WAIT, Steven Smith. The polling shows Manchin is out of
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The Issue of Passing Democrats S1/HR1 Anti-Voter Suppression Bills

The ONLY WAY Democrats can pass the S1/HR1 anti-voter suppression bills will be if Joe Manchin agrees to eliminate the 60 vote filibuster.

Not one Republican Senator will vote for any Democrat election bill, especially since McConnell quickly told Manchin his bill is dead right now because not one Republican will vote for his bill.

Why would Stacey Abrams agree with and support Manchin’s version of S1/HR1 WITHOUT asking Manchin:


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‘I live on the street now’: how Americans fall into medical bankruptcy

Having health insurance is often not enough to save Americans from massive debts when serious illness strikes

It’s been over a dozen years since Susanne LeClair of West Palm Beach, Florida was first diagnosed with cancer and she’s been fighting ever since. Now she, like many other Americans facing life-threatening illness, is bankrupt despite having health insurance.

Before her first cancer-related surgery, LeClair was told by the hospital they accepted her employer-based health insurance.

“I paid my $300 copay. After the surgery, I started receiving all these invoices and came to find out the only thing covered was my bed

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It’s Great To Be Partisan, It’s Necessary For Effective Democracy

It’s great to be partisan, when partisanship more accurately reflects the will of the People.

Effective democracy reflects the majority will of the People. Effective Democracy is not measured by equal input from both parties in the promulgation of a bill; effective democracy is found when a bill reflects the majority will of the People. Our Founding Fathers literally defined the majority will of the people as a 51 vote majority body in the U.S. Senate.

When our Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution, there were no political parties and our Founding Fathers detested the very idea of political parties; INSTEAD,

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The Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT)

Why a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty?

Because the world needs a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty to eliminate cyber attacks worldwide: cyber attacks that can bring an entire nation to its knees, or interrupt local commerce.

Much like the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) there is a global interest in maintaining the safety and security of ALL NATIONS.

I support such a cyber-treaty which offers a foreign government a reward in the amount of (or even double) the ransom demanded by cyberattack groups, in exchange for that government arresting the perpetrators and confiscating their equipment, relinquishing the cybercriminals

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Wisconsin Court Win Stops Purge of 129,000 Voters

Black Voters Matter, Palast found list “wrong and racist”
by Greg Palast April 11, 2021

On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 5-2 to block the removal of 129,000 voters from the rolls. The Justices rejected a lawsuit brought by a right-wing group.

On September 23, 2020, Black Voters Matter issued a report by the Palast Investigative Fund which proved that, despite claims of the right-wing Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, that 39,722 voters they claimed had moved away from the registration addresses, had not, in fact, moved at all.

Watch the video of our original report here:


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