The Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT)

Why a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty?

Because the world needs a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty to eliminate cyber attacks worldwide: cyber attacks that can bring an entire nation to its knees, or interrupt local commerce.

Much like the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) there is a global interest in maintaining the safety and security of ALL NATIONS.

I support such a cyber-treaty which offers a foreign government a reward in the amount of (or even double) the ransom demanded by cyberattack groups, in exchange for that government arresting the perpetrators and confiscating their equipment, relinquishing the cybercriminals and their equipment to the U.S. under existing int’l extradition treaties already in place.

Our NSA is fully capable of providing a foreign government with either exact or proximate GPS coordinates of the location of the perpetrators.

Problem is, the U.S. government is the ALL-TIME WORLD LEADER when it comes to cyber attacks, eavesdropping, spying. For decades the U.S. government reigned supreme when it came to spying and surreptitious information acquisition. The U.S. gov’t is accustomed to being the BIG BULLY ON THE BLOCK when it comes to these issues.

BUT NOW, with the explosive advent of technology, even smaller governments and small groups can wage cyber attacks on larger nations.

SUDDENLY, U.S. government chickens have finally come home to roost. And roost they have, employing thousands of scientists to design and implement a MASSIVE UNPRECEDENTED CYBER ATTACK on the U.S.A.

Problem is, the U.S. government, Congress and President Joe Biden DO NOT want to end cyberbullying on behalf of the United States. INSTEAD OF drafting and presenting a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT) to the American people and the world, our government would rather CONTINUE INT’L CYBERBULLYING ALONG WITH ISRAEL DESPITE LEAVING THE U.S. GOV’T AND AMERICA OPEN TO ENDLESS HARMFUL CYBERATTACKS.

GUESS WHAT? Instead of the U.S. gov’t attempting to make peace with other nations by supporting a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT) and STOP EXECUTING CYBER ATTACKS AGAINST OTHER GOVERNMENTS, the U.S. government has decided to ISSUE SANCTIONS against nations accused of conducting a cyber attack(s) against the U.S.

Pursuant to international law, any government who issues sanctions against another nation commits an official Act of War. The U.S. could be the lawful recipient of MASSIVE ATTACKS from any government who has suffered U.S. sanctions. Our government has a bad history and practice of destroying, bullying, decapitating foreign governments; usually for cash and prizes instead of “self-defense.”

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Putin Says Russia Is Ready To Hand Over Cybercriminals, But Only If U.S. Does The Same
June 13, 2021

President Vladimir Putin has said Russia would be ready to hand over suspected cybercriminals to the United States but only if Washington did the same for Moscow and if the two powers reached an agreement on the matter.

Putin made the comments in an interview aired in excerpts on state television on June 13 ahead of a June 16 summit with U.S. President Joe Biden in Geneva. Ties between the powers are badly strained over an array of issues.

″If we agree to extradite criminals, then, of course, Russia will go for it. But only if the other side — in this case, the United States — agrees to the same thing,″ Putin said, without elaborating.

Putin said he expected the Geneva meeting to help establish bilateral dialogue and revive personal contacts.

The White House has said Biden will bring up ransomware attacks emanating from Russia at the meeting.

That issue is in the spotlight after a cybercriminal group that U.S. authorities said operates from Russia penetrated a pipeline operator on the U.S. East Coast, locking its systems and demanding a ransom. The hack last month caused a shutdown lasting several days and led to a spike in gas prices, panic buying, and localized fuel shortages in the southeast.

Colonial Pipeline decided to pay the hackers who invaded their systems nearly $5 million to regain access, the company said.

Ransomware rackets are dominated by Russian-speaking cybercriminals who are shielded — and sometimes employed — by Russian intelligence agencies, according to security researchers, U.S. law enforcement, and now the Biden administration.

Asked if Russia would be prepared to find and prosecute cybercriminals, Putin said that would depend on Moscow and Washington reaching an agreement.

Since taking office in January, Biden has challenged Moscow over its actions in Ukraine, alleged meddling in elections, and cyberattacks emanating from Russia.

But the U.S. leader has also said the United States wants a “stable, predictable” relationship that allows Moscow and Washington to work together on common issues like strategic stability, arms control, and climate change.

In segments of an interview broadcast by NBC on June 11, Putin said that the U.S.-Russia relationship had “deteriorated to its lowest point in recent years.”

Biden will hold a solo press conference after his summit in Geneva next week with Putin, a U.S. official revealed on June 12.

An unnamed U.S. administration official said Biden appearing alone was “the appropriate format to clearly communicate with the free press the topics that were raised in the meeting — both in terms of areas where we may agree and in areas where we have significant concerns.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the announcement, but suggested it didn’t necessarily bode badly for the summit.

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The backstory on why and how our government got into the business of spying and later cyber attacks is a very long sordid story.

One of the primary reasons our government has been eavesdropping and spying on literally every device on the planet is to acquire political blackmail information.

This applies not only internationally but here inside the USA as well.

For example, William “Bill” Binney is a former intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and whistleblower. He retired on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency as the man who wrote the original eavesdropping codes the U.S. used to spy on Russia and other foreign nations. On 9/11, Binney found out that the NSA turned his spying algorithms loose on the American people, causing Binney to head to retirement in disgust.

Bill was a critic of his former employers during the George W. Bush administration, and later criticized the NSA’s data-collection policies during the Barack Obama administration. He dissented from the view that Russia interfered with the 2016 US election. More specifically, he was critical of the view that Russia hacked the DNC server.

Binney has also been publicly critical of the NSA for spying on U.S. citizens, saying of its expanded surveillance after the September 11, 2001 attacks that “it’s better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had” as well as noting Trailblazer’s ineffectiveness and unjustified high cost compared to the far less intrusive ThinThread. He was furious that the NSA hadn’t uncovered the 9/11 plot and stated that intercepts it had collected but not analyzed likely would have garnered timely attention with his leaner more focused system.

Mr. Binney is on video describing how when he was in the NSA, some person would come in and hand a piece of paper to an NSA officer and ask them to “pull the phone records” pursuant to the specific phone number written on the paper. According to Mr. Binney, that NSA officer was able to pull not only the incoming/outgoing phone records but the actual audio of the conversation as well.

Contact President Biden and your Congressperson and tell them to support a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT) for the same set of reasons the U.S. signed and sponsored the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT).

Ron Harold

The Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT)

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