Donald T*ump claims, “I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created.”

In 2016 candidate Donald J. Trump exclaimed, “I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created.”

In 2021, after the Trump organization was indicted along with its CFO on 15 felony counts, Trump said, “Paying taxes on education for your grandchildren? Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

Trump is trying to have his cake and eat it too: Trump claims he knows more about taxes than anyone on Earth, but now in 2021 Trump feigns “ignorance of the law” when it comes to the 15 felony charges in the Trump organization indictment.

Dear Donald Trump: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” In fact, you were NOT ignorant of federal and New York tax laws because you ordered your CFO, best buddy Allen Weiselberg to make two sets of books: the first book for federal and New York tax records – and the second book to avoid paying federal and New York taxes.

Trump speaks to minimalize his and Weiselberg’s crimes: Trump’s “fringe benefits” total $1.7 million; an amount of money it would take an average worker 33 years to earn.

Trump’s first book to record transactions for federal and New York tax records, listed Allen Weiselberg’s AND OTHER TRUMP ORGANIZATION ADMIN EMPLOYEES’ official stated salary amounts.

Trump’s second book contains and lists the actual value amount of cash, goods and services actually appropriated to his Trump organization admin employees; including CFO Allen Weiselberg, company Controller Jeff McConney and other Trump organization admin employees.

Trump is so stupid he actually kept a “book of crimes” proving, PROVING Trump’s intent to defraud the U.S. government and the City and State of New York out of federal, city and state taxes.

Apparently Trump didn’t know that the concept of “off the books” does not involve keeping a book which lists each and every crime you committed.

The existence of Trump’s second “book of crimes” bridges any so-called gap between Trump claiming no knowledge of the 15-year tax scheme and Trump having full and complete knowledge of his 15-year long tax scheme.

I’d say there’s a slim chance Trump will escape a lengthy state prison term, but Slim just left town.

In all probability, Trump is going to be indicted for a series of state and federal tax crimes in the near future.

In all likelihood, Trump will be convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud felonies and sent to a New York state penitentiary, BEFORE the federal government indicts, convicts and sentences Donald J. Trump to a federal prison for federal tax crimes, for a very long time.

Donald T*ump claims, “I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created.”

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