The Doctor of the Poor

Mohamed Mashally, the poor doctor of the poor – “Doctor of the Poor” – graduated from Medical School in 1967 with praise. Dr. Mohamed Mashally was visiting the poor in his city in Egypt for Muslims, Coptic Christians, and did it for free in his modest clinic. He also gave his poorest patients money to buy medicine and take (less than a dollar) in exchange for benefits for the patients who are well-off economically.

Dozens of patients lined up every day in front of his humble clinic, while Dr. Muhammad worked 10 hours a day to treat his patients.

Muhammad Mashali never had a car, not even a mobile, as he walked from home to clinic on foot even though he was over 80 years old.

When one of the rich Gulf lords heard of his story, he gave him $20,000, he also gave him a car, but after a year on his return to Egypt, the wealthy man discovered that Muhammad had even sold the car to help his poor patients, even to buy materials, Muhammad Mashaly said: “After graduation I discovered that my father sacrificed his whole life to make me a doctor. So I promised God I wouldn’t take a penny from the poor and live a life serving my neighbor whatever culture or religion it is. A man who dedicated his whole life to save human lives and to help anyone in difficulty, may the earth be light on you.”

The Doctor of the Poor

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