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How the ACA has worked for Arkansas

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the most significant reform to the United States health care system in a halfcentury. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA,” or “Obamacare”) aimed to increase access to health care coverage to more individuals across the United States. The law has increased the accessibility of health care for all Americans and improved health outcomes across the country, despite becoming one of the more politicized laws in American history.

Since it was passed, there have been numerous efforts to dismantle the ACA, including one currently pending (Texas v. Azar), but none have … Read the rest

The Democratic Party Establishment is out to stop Nina Turner, and a pro-Israel lobbying group is helping

The Democratic Party Establishment has all hands on deck trying to stop Nina Turner as her race is a microcosm of wider battles going on in the party. And to no surprise Israel is a factor.

It’s probably no surprise that the Democratic Party Establishment has all hands on deck trying to stop Nina Turner from being elected to the House of Representatives.

The outspoken national co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, and congressional candidate in Ohio’s 11th district, is obviously not a fan favorite among centrists and her opponent Shontel Brown has

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The Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty (NPCWT)

Why a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty?

Because the world needs a Non-Proliferation of Cyber Weapons Treaty to eliminate cyber attacks worldwide: cyber attacks that can bring an entire nation to its knees, or interrupt local commerce.

Much like the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) there is a global interest in maintaining the safety and security of ALL NATIONS.

I support such a cyber-treaty which offers a foreign government a reward in the amount of (or even double) the ransom demanded by cyberattack groups, in exchange for that government arresting the perpetrators and confiscating their equipment, relinquishing the cybercriminals

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Wisconsin Court Win Stops Purge of 129,000 Voters

Black Voters Matter, Palast found list “wrong and racist”
by Greg Palast April 11, 2021

On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 5-2 to block the removal of 129,000 voters from the rolls. The Justices rejected a lawsuit brought by a right-wing group.

On September 23, 2020, Black Voters Matter issued a report by the Palast Investigative Fund which proved that, despite claims of the right-wing Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, that 39,722 voters they claimed had moved away from the registration addresses, had not, in fact, moved at all.

Watch the video of our original report here:


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Tucker Carlson Actually Thinks the NSA Is Spying On His Email

A “whistleblower” told him, apparently.

By Paul Blest

Tucker Carlson believes the Biden administration is monitoring his personal emails with the goal of shutting him down—or at least, that’s what he claims a whistleblower at the National Security Agency told him.

The Fox News host made the claim during a Monday segment decrying the White House’s ongoing efforts to combat domestic extremism in the U.S., arguing that Americans are “much more likely to die from a lightning strike than at the hands of a white supremacist.” (He made this claim two days after a suspected white supremacist murdered two Black

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This is why a conservative Supreme Court is bad for America

The real disappointing impact of the Supreme Court decision upholding Arizona’s voting restriction laws will be in the ripples, of course.

The two specific practices that the Supreme Court ruled as constitutional, overturning both the appeals court and district court that heard the challenge, will likely not change election outcomes in Arizona or other states, but the chill emanating from this case will encourage Republican-led states to crack down faster and harder on limits seen as aimed at minority, Democratic voters.

As The New York Times noted, “The decision suggested that the Supreme Court would not be inclined to strike

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Teamsters launch massive nationwide effort to unionize Amazon workers

Effort follows five years of speaking to workers at the e-commerce giant.

Pro-union demonstration signs stand outside the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Bessemer, Ala., on Feb. 7, 2021.

June 22, 2021, 3:09 PM MDT
By Olivia Solon and April Glaser

The Teamsters, one of the largest labor unions in the United States, is launching a national effort to unionize Amazon workers in an official resolution that will be put to a vote among union members later this week.

The resolution, first obtained by Motherboard and reviewed by NBC News, describes the Teamsters’ plan to create and fund a dedicated Amazon

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Child Care Should Be Universal and Well-Paid — Not Just Affordable

Shanikia Johnson, a teacher, helps a three-year-old clean up a puzzle at Little Flowers Early Childhood and Development Center in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, on January 12, 2021.

Queen Freelove of New Haven, Connecticut, remembers when the pandemic transformed the daycare she ran out of her home, abruptly turning the atmosphere from cozy to clinical: “Things got extremely traumatic for us,” she recalled. She was constantly trying to keep the environment sanitized, keeping a stockpile of masks, wipes, and other equipment, stopping parents in the hallway when they arrived to pick up their kids to take their temperature
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Fresh Demands for Immediate US Withdrawal as Biden Administration Bombs Iraq, Syria

“The easiest way to protect U.S. forces in Iraq is… for there not to be any U.S. forces in Iraq.”

June 28, 2021

The U.S. military’s latest bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria on Sunday was met with fresh demands for the immediate withdrawal of American forces from both Middle East countries, as the Biden administration attempted to justify the airstrikes as “defensive” in nature.

“This constant cycle of violence and retribution is a failed policy and will not make any of us safer.”
—Rep. Ilhan Omar

The Pentagon said in a statement Sunday evening that,

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Chris Hedges: Israel, the Big Lie

Israel is not exercising “the right to defend itself” in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is carrying out mass murder, aided and abetted by the U.S.

May 14, 2021
By Chris Hedges

Nearly all the words and phrases used by the Democrats, Republicans and the talking heads on the media to describe the unrest inside Israel and the heaviest Israeli assault against the Palestinians since the 2014 attacks on Gaza, which lasted 51 days and killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, are a lie. Israel, by employing its military machine against an occupied population that does not have
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