Joe Biden

Biden calls Bernie privately to check in on the left wing, report says

*The New York Times reports that Joe Biden makes private calls to Bernie Sanders to “collect ideas.”

*The former primary campaign rivals have worked closely together since Biden’s election.

*Sanders has supported Biden since the $1.9 trillion stimulus — because their agenda is largely shared.

President Joe Biden makes private phone calls to Sen. Bernie Sanders to hear from the left of his party, according to a New York Times report.

It’s an unlikely turn of events for two fierce rivals from last fall’s primary campaign from opposite wings of the Democratic Party, but another piece of evidence that Biden’s bold economic agenda is dissolving the boundaries between those factions — and that Sanders is playing a pivotal role in it.

Politico reported in early March that Biden and Sanders had a very high level of contact with each other. Weeks later, after Biden’s historic $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed