Month: February 2021

Despite Gov’t Fear Mongering, Arizona Sees DUIs Drop After Cannabis Legalization

Across the country last November, Americans made their voices heard in regard to the war on drugs. A record five states legalized cannabis in some form. Montana voted to legalize cannabis for those 21 and up, New Jersey, South Dakota — who has since reversed course — and Arizona also approved recreational use. Legal weed started from a trickle in 2012 with Washington and Colorado and has now developed into a landslide with dozens of states legalizing it in some form.

Telling cops to stop kidnapping and caging people for possessing and selling a plant that has never killed anyone, … Read the rest

WATCH: Cops Do Nothing as Fellow Cop Stomps Man’s Throat, With a Gun to His Head

Body camera footage released this week captured the materialization of Orwell’s proverbial boot onto the foot of Cleveland police officer John Petkac and onto the neck of London Wilson.

According to police, on the day in question, they were responding to a report of domestic violence in the area when they encountered Wilson. Wilson was never charged with domestic violence, so it is unclear if he was the suspect police sought out. However, when police showed up on the scene, for some reason, Wilson ran.

Petkac was the first officer on scene and as the body camera footage shows, he

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The Difference Between Progrecit and Facebook – Manuel Tejeda Ph.D

Many ask me the difference between ProgreCit and Facebook. Well, that’s a lot. Where do I start? FB just turned 17 and ProgreCit doesn’t reach 17 months. FB has been able to count on billions of dollars of investment and ProgreCit… well with your good wishes. FB has one of the world’s most developed algorithms, which controls what time, who you are, what you like and who you should relate to.

ProgreCit doesn’t have, and won’t have, that kind of ′′ technological breakthrough “. And also doesn’t censor for progress.

FB is for everyone and all things. ProgreCit is a

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Progressive Agenda 2021

Progressive Agenda 2021

1. Medicare-For-All:

2. Universal Basic Income For All:

3. Fully-funding Federal and State programs:

4. Green New Deal:

5. National Deadline For the Mass-Production of Gasoline Engines:

6. Education-For-All:

7. Eliminate Student Debt:

8. End Voter Suppression:

9. Ending Police Brutality and Murder:

10. Ultimate Tax Reform:

11. Reaching Supermajority Status – Supermajority Actions:

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