Why “Fundamental Conservative Principles” Are Bull$%^&

I’m sick and tired of hearing media pundits and GOPers drone on and on about the need to “return to fundamental conservative principles.”

The fact is, in 2021 a majority of voters do not want to return to what Republicans call “fundamental conservative principles.”

Let’s take a look at those so-called fundamental conservative principles:

1) True conservatives support small government and abhor big government;

FACT: A majority of Americans want and support bigger, stronger federal government.

2) True conservatives support fiscal responsibility;

FACT: Conservatives support extra small budget dollars (faux fiscal responsibility) for Democrats and support wild MASSIVE UNRESTRAINED SPENDING for Republicans and the top one per cent.

3) True conservatives support lower taxes;

FACT: The Trump administration actually RAISED TAXES on the middle class and poor WHILE GIVING MULTI-TRILLION dollar tax cuts to the rich.

4) True conservatives support BIG OIL AND GAS;

FACT: A majority of Americans want to end America’s traditional dependency on oil and gas and GO GREEN INSTEAD!

5) True conservatives support combating voter fraud;

FACT: There is virtually no such thing as “voter fraud.”

6) True conservatives believe giving massive tax cuts to the rich creates jobs;

FACT: giving tax cuts to the rich DO NOT create jobs; instead THE RICH sit on those massive tax cuts while workers suffer sub-par wages.

7) True conservatives

Why “Fundamental Conservative Principles” Are Bull$%^&

One thought on “Why “Fundamental Conservative Principles” Are Bull$%^&

  1. Fact. Pukes care nothing about citizens our rights needs etc! Democrats historically stood with working people but after Ronny Raygun. Puke and bill Clinton (puke eating dem rags) opened door for corporate amerikkka to “come on in”! Corporations billionaires millionaires and supreme court citizens United permitted them to BUY POLITICANS IN BOTH PARTIES TO PROVIDE NOTHING TO CITIZENS. THEY BELIEVE GOVT IS Only for military spending! That’s it all other spending according g to them is no health care no civil or human rights no unemployment no education etc.for citizens. Precisely why I insurrectionist traitors tried to overthrow govt jan 6. They believe the constitution must be ripped up a dictator in White House all non whites are again worker low wages slaves

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