The Era of Hate

I see TV and online pundits asking the question, Why do Republicans and GOP governors want to take away the $300 a week pandemic unemployment benefits from the residents of their states?I say it’s the ole Master-slave relationship humming right along, working as it always has in America; the plantation-minded business owners and their Congressional buddies versus the worker slaves.

“When we want to give rich people incentive, we give them money – when we want to give poor people incentive, we take away money.” – John Kenneth Galbraith, economist

We live in an ERA OF HATE, an era that began with the formation of American politics and business. I use the term HATE to include such negative personality defects and disorders such as narcissism, violent aggression, paranoia and misogyny. How much HATE WOULD IT TAKE for a man to sail ships to Africa, kidnap indigenous peoples, bring them to America to force Africans to work hard for free their entire lives? Today’s GOP Congressperson argues slavery wasn’t so bad, they didn’t work for free because they got free room and board, free meals and clothing. They also got free rapes, free beatings, free lynchings and free killings. The White Man’s Bargain Deal with the Devil.

Republican Congresspersons have openly argued that America was built on slavery, whether we like it or not. It is that Master-slave relationship and mentality this country’s business owners utilized in the course of doing business: forbidding union formation, offering sub-par low wages, denying and disallowing any healthcare coverage or retirement plans, denying workers a safe workplace environment.

For the past two hundred years business owners have operated not unlike a Southern plantation owner whose belief system of White Superiority permitted them to slavedrive, abuse and kill slaves under the guise of “capitalism” and religion.

Today, many business owners and large corporations are hardcore addicts to the master-slave mentality, believing they too have the right to abuse workers under the guise of capitalism.


One day in the future, pundits and historians will be writing about the ERA OF HATE, circa 18th-21st centuries.

The obvious question future historians and society will ask is: DURING THE ERA OF HATE, WHY did so many people have to suffer, starve and die due to a lack of resources, despite resources being available at the time? The answer is HATE.


White establishmentarian business owners and politicians (“HAVES”) hate workers (“HAVE NOTS”) because the HAVES believe the HAVE NOTS are not as smart and strong and white as the HAVES and consequently deserve absolutely nothing except only what the HAVES offer the HAVE NOTS. The HAVES fervently believe the purpose and role of government is not to help the HAVE NOTS, but exist to help the HAVES increase their wealth and domination in order to keep trickling down sub-par wages to the pitiful HAVE NOTS.

Even today the HAVES believe the only reason workers go to work is due to the HAVES keeping wages low enough to prevent HAVE NOTS’ financial independence from the HAVES.

Southern Sen. Lindsay Graham absolutely believes if it weren’t for slavery and low wages, there would be no America and thus, WE MUST KEEP OUR FOOT ON THE NECKS OF WORKERS, or else lazy people of color won’t slave for the White Man anymore.


Despite the Confederates losing the American Civil War, the Confederate states sought to keep slavery intact as possible, and that’s what the BLACK CODES were about: keeping the Confederates’ whips on the backs of blacks. The Emanicipation Proclamation forbid slavery but left a loophole big enough to keep slavery intact under the guise of employment.

To this day that Master-slave relationship and mentality remain intact.

The Era of Hate

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