It’s Great To Be Partisan, It’s Necessary For Effective Democracy

It’s great to be partisan, when partisanship more accurately reflects the will of the People.

Effective democracy reflects the majority will of the People. Effective Democracy is not measured by equal input from both parties in the promulgation of a bill; effective democracy is found when a bill reflects the majority will of the People. Our Founding Fathers literally defined the majority will of the people as a 51 vote majority body in the U.S. Senate.

When our Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution, there were no political parties and our Founding Fathers detested the very idea of political parties; INSTEAD, our FF championed the will of the people in what our Founding Fathers called A MAJORITY BODY RULE. Not 67 votes, not 60 votes, but a 51 vote majority rule. Our Founding Fathers championed a 51 VOTE MAJORITY RULE over party considerations, especially considering there were no parties at that time.

These hardboiled, seminal facts of American history escape the modern politician, be they moderate Democrat or Republican.

Partisanship is American as apple pie. There’s so much partisanship in politics there’s partisanship inside the Democrat Party between moderate Democrats and progressive Democrats.

Bi-partisanship for the sake of bi-partisanship is unacceptable to the American majority who want robust progressive change instead of watered-down, ineffective, status quo policies.

The American voter knows you can’t keep doing the same kind of things, but continue to expect meaningful, robust results.

What good is bi-partisanship if bi-partisanship betrays the majority will of the People?

If you a United States Senator, you need to respect the NATIONAL WILL of the voter, not just the voters in your state, as if you were a State Senator.

The will of the voter should not be measured in terms of whether or not there is equal support between two parties; seeking bi-partisanship to the exclusion of partisan policies wrongfully excludes the will of the majority, if the will of the majority is reflected in a partisan policy. Therefore, partisan policies are good when partisan policies, rather than bi-partisan policies, reflect the will of the voter.

By default, our Founding Fathers cherished a 51-vote majority rule over minority rule. Modern 21st century conservatives are so desperate and devious they try to conflate minority rule with protecting the constitutional rights of the minority. One has nothing to do with the other.

I don’t live in 1978 or 1998; I live in 2021, in a post-pandemic America full of woke workers and disillusioned employers waking up to a post-pandemic 2021 reality of workers not going back to work under crappy, pre-pandemic, subwage conditions. Republicans AND moderate Democrats loathe workers for being so woke they refuse to go back to work for pre-pandemic wages.

The truth is, in this year of 2021 voters support partisan progressive policies not supported by moderate Democrats or Republicans. If moderate Democrats were half the statesmen they pretend to be, they would recognize and support the will of the People found in progressive Democrat policies.

Moderate Democrats are fighting the will of the majority of the People when they oppose progressive policies supported by a majority of voters.

The conservative blood coursing through moderate Democrats’ veins won’t allow the Republican Party to die a natural or even unnatural death; moderate Democrats would rather whine about missing the Good Ole Days of the old Republican Party than embrace the will of the People in 2021, reflected in progressive Democrat policies.

Moderate Democrats miss the days of old where staunch, messy conservatives like Newt Gingrich made moderate Democrats and their policies appear “liberal” or “progressive.”

It is the moderate Democrat who shares “conservative values” with Republican conservatives.

I don’t consider “conservatism” much of an ideology as much as a pathology. Conservatism seems an old, rancid blend of racial and socio-economic prejudices presented and pre-packaged as the will of the People. If conservatism were a product, it would have been yanked off the shelves long ago and the owners would have been jailed for intentionally selling defective harmful merchandise and services at exorbitant prices.

With the advent of progressives emerging as the strong nuclear force inside the Democrat party, moderate Democrats are melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, flailing about, casting progressive Democrats and progressive policies as the “extreme left” when in fact again: progressive policies reflect the majority of the People in 2021.

Moderate Democrats mistakenly think it is their civic duty to “reign in” progressives and progressive policies, effectively ignoring the will of the People in 2021.

Modern Democrats despise the will of the majority so much they prefer to stick their conservative finger in the people’s pie…to keep it bi-partisan. Moderate democrats would rather ruin the People’s pie than allow a progressive pie to be enjoyed by the People.

Sen. Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell agree: they believe protecting the filibuster means protecting the integrity of the Senate. Did somebody say anything about the will of the people? Hell no, says Manchin and McConnell.

It’s all about what the People want. People want solutions based upon the want of the people. People are searching for solutions, not Congressional common ground.

Speaking of what voters want, a majority of voters support progressive Democrat policies and goals – not Republican or moderate Democrat policies.

For example:

1) S1 AND HR1: progressive Democrat bills designed to STOP THE GOP STEAL OF DEMOCRACY;

2) Police Reform:

3) Healthcare:

A plurality of Americans support Medicare-For-All, but Nancy Pelosi won’t even allow it to come to the floor of the House for a vote; Pelosi is protective of private insurance companies/donors.

4) Living Wage

A plurality of Americans support mandating a living wage for workers, based upon current economic conditions and corporate profits. Wages have remained stagnant for the most part since the 1980’s.


A plurality of American families support fully-funded quality daycare. The Number One expense for a family other than their mortgage is the cost of daycare for their children.


7) Daycare-For-All

In 2020-2022, it’s no mystery what workers want; it’s no mystery why workers are not willing to return to jobs featuring low-paying, pre-pandemic wages with little to no benefits.

There’s two kind of employers in America: those who are not willing to pay as close to a living wage as possible; and 2) those employers who are willing to pay as close to a living wage as possible. Guess which employer is still complaining about not being able to fill jobs? The employer who is NOT willing to pay anything close to a living wage.

I believe “conservatism” is actually an American euphism for the Master-slave relationship.

It’s Great To Be Partisan, It’s Necessary For Effective Democracy

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