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Brothers Team Up To Create 100-Mile-Per-Gallon Car
25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
DU PAGE COUNTY, Ill. (CBS) � With gas prices seeming to go up every single day, some people are more determined than ever to find different, more cost effective ways to get around.

As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, the Ewert brothers have a rather advanced science project. But instead of a typical dry ice experiment, Chris and Andrew used batteries and a charger to make their hybrid Toyota Prius get 100 miles per gallon.

“My brother and I built this, and car companies should be able to do it, too,” Chris Ewert, an electric vehicle enthusiast, said.

The car is the Wheaton brothers’ way of lessening the dependence on oil and helping the environment.

It’s something the DuPage County Forest Preserve has been focused on for close to a decade.

“Oh, we’re making a significant difference in the environment,” said the district’s John Walton.

The district has hybrids and vehicles that run on four different types of alternative fuels, including natural gas.

“It burns at less than 10 percent of the pollutants of gasoline, and for the mile per gallon dollars, it’s costing us about a dollar a gallon,” Walton said.

If you want to forget about fuel sources altogether, you can go electric. Neighborhood electric vehicles get 40 miles per charge, costing three cents a mile, and are meant for local neighborhood use.

“With the gas prices going up and with the green movement, it’s really unbelievable the number of cars we’re selling today,” said Dan Mack of the Electric Avenue Auto Mall.

The hitch is the tiny neighborhood electric vehicles are not legal in Illinois.

That’s frustrating, considering Mack, Walton and the Ewerts are convinced gas is not the way of the future.

“There is no gas shortage today; there will be in the very near future,” Walton said. “We are not going to have gasoline the way we have it.”
Independent Voter Platform
25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
Please STOP supporting party candidates and START supporting a specific platform! Any reasonable person must conclude that neither the Democratic or Republican Party will EVER pass any legislation truly implementing any of these planks of the Independent Voter Platform. The lobbyists write the bills – you have no representation in Congress. Support partyless candidates who support an independent voter-type platform.

Our Founding Fathers warned us of the dangers party politics brings.

Six Primary Goals:

1. Economy: Let’s improve our economy; here’s how;

2. Healthcare: Let’s pass single-payer universal healthcare; here’s how;

3. Education: Let’s pass single-payer college education; here’s how and why;

4. Taxes: Let’s end the federal income tax on individuals and small businesses; here’s how;

5. Let’s end illegal immigration: here’s what to do;

6. Open Government: We The People MUST institute accountability, constitutionality and transparency in government; here’s how and why;

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Stephen Hadley, neocon National Security Advisor to the President of the United States
25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
Stephen Hadley is the neocon who inserted the false “yellowcake uranium” claim in Bush’s 2003 State of the Union Speech, despite CIA warnings the claim was false and unsubstantiated. When asked why he put the false claim in Bush’s speech anyway, Hadley replied, ” I forgot.”

Stephen Hadley is an Israeli Bush administration neocon who has set up camp in Bush’s ears and brain for a long time now, promoting the Israeli agenda as the American agenda. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has had more influence on George W. Bush than this Stephen Hadley unit.

Hadley should have been fired and prosecuted long ago, but no! Today Stephen Hadley remains as the National Security Advisor to President Bush!! Hadley is the Zionist who is now pushing to bomb Iran!!!

Please visit: “A Clean Break”
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Universal Healthcare 101
25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
Americans pay in more than $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS annually into Medicare/Medicaid. Unfortunately, “FOR-PROFIT” corporations i.e., insurance companies, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies suck down approximately two-thirds of our nation’s $2.3t healthcare budget. Their board of directors have a duty by law to maximize profits for their shareholders; unfortunately, at the expense of America’s health. Only about one-third of our Medicare/Medicaid budget goes to the actual cost of healthcare provided. The obvious solution is to ELIMINATE THE “FOR-PROFIT” corporations eating the majority of our healthcare budget and redirect those funds toward the cost of actual healthcare provided ALL Americans. This would be more than enough money to cover all the healthcare needs your family would ever need. There is no need to create a new revenue stream or to raise taxes. In other words, we’re already paying for universal healthcare – we’re just not getting it. Hillary, Obama and McCain do NOTHING to convert our current “FOR-PROFIT” healthcare system to a “NON-PROFIT” healthcare system. Hillary, Obama and McCain do NOT offer single-payer universal healthcare, period.

Hillary Clinton wants to require you to buy healthcare insurance. Obama asks, “What’s the penalty for NOT buying such a mandated insurance?” The truth is, every politician in Washington, including Obama and Hillary, want you to make insurance payments. They all promise to make healthcare “affordable.” Such a promise is disingenious at best, downright criminal at worst. In fact, such promises are indicative of the intent of the politician. The true intent of the politician is to keep using our tax dollars to subsidize these outrageous profits enjoyed by the insurance companies, HMOs and pharmaceuticals. Whether by direct payment or by government subsidy, these politicians REFUSE to eliminate these greedy “FOR-PROFIT” corporations from our nation’s $2.3 trillion dollar trough. Obama is promising to implement universal healthcare by the end of his (first) term as President – nonsense! First of all, Obama nor Hillary offer single-payer universal healthcare; nor can a President pass universal healthcare by themself. Such a claim is an insult to the informed American. To the uninformed, it must seem like Kennedyesque rhetoric. Obama, like Hillary, both keep “FOR-PROFIT” corporations maximizing their profits at the expense of all Americans’ healthcare.

The fact is, Americans are already paying for all the healthcare their family would ever need – they’re just not getting it. Why would a politician want you to keep making payments to insurance companies if our nation’s healthcare budget is enough money to cover all the healthcare one would ever need? The answer is to keep corporate lobbyists and their fellow crooked Congressmen and women happy, that’s why. The drug lobby literally writes our nation’s healthcare bills, and Hillary and Obama know it. They know the drug lobby will NEVER allow single-payer universal healthcare to be passed, period – no matter WHO is President. The Democratic Party and Hillary have been taunting the American public with their empty promises of universal healthcare for a long, long time now. I can only wonder how much longer will Americans keep believing that one day, if we get the right President, then we’ll all have universal healthcare. It’s NOT going to happen with the Democratic and Republican Party monopolizing Congress.

John McCain asks, “Do you want government running our nation’s healthcare system, or do you want families making decisions on how to run our nation’s healthcare system?” This is slick, ole Washington doubletalk which is actually French for, “I, John McCain, hereby promise Corporate America to keep “FOR-PROFIT” corporations maximizing profits for their stockholders, to keep corporations siphoning 2/3 of our nation’s Medicare/Medicaid budget to the exclusion and expense of the American people.”

Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney passed a healthcare bill in Massachusetts requiring all citizens to buy health insurance, whether they can afford it or not. Even more disgusting is the fact Romney and Sen. Kennedy called this their “universal healthcare bill.” It’s anything BUT universal healthcare. Today almost half of Massachusetts’ citizens are criminals – designated such by Mitt Romney and his so-called, “universal healthcare bill,” for failing to purchase healthcare insurance.

The sad fact is, many Americans who can afford to make insurance payments DO NOT WANT other Americans enjoying free healthcare without paying for it. This is the ugly truth about how many Americans feel about fully-paid universal healthcare. How did these Americans become so indifferent to their fellow citizens? Mostly from decades of non-stop brainwashing, courtesy of the healthcare profiteers. Some are just plain hateful and snarky. The truth is NO AMERICAN should be making ANY PAYMENTS to ANY insurance companies, HMOs or pharms, since Americans pay enough money to Medicare/Medicaid to cover ALL Americans’ healthcare needs.

Virtually no one addresses the real issue, which is should private corporations operate our nation’s healthcare system? Should private corporations continue to be allowed to maximize corporate profits at the expense of Americans’ health? Some Americans believe private corporations should be allowed to maximize profits at the expense of Americans’ health. Some people think that if we didn’t allow “FOR-PROFIT” corporations to maximize profits and run our healthcare system, “NON-PROFITS” would fail miserably. There is not a shred of evidence to support such a contention; in fact, evidence exists to the contrary. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain are three of these Americans who prefer to continue to allow private corporations to maximize corporate profits at the expense of Americans’ health, sucking down almost two-thirds of the $2.3 trillion Medicare/Medicaid budget.


We don’t need to raise taxes or find a new revenue stream to pay for fully-paid universal healthcare! NO! Our nation’s $2.3 trillion dollar healthcare budget is MORE THAN ENOUGH to pay for ALL the healthcare you and your family will EVER NEED! Problem is, the majority of those funds go to the fatcat profiteers at the insurance companies, HMOs and pharmaceuticals. Their Borad of Directos have a DUTY BY LAW TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS! I say we need to redirect those funds AWAY FROM those profieering corporations and use those funds to pay for all the healthcare your family will ever need! ELIMINATE THE HEALTHCARE PROFITEERS!

I believe an American’s right to fully-paid universal healthcare supercedes the corporation’s right to maximize profits in the dispensation of that healthcare. Unfortunately, Hillary, Obama and McCain believe otherwise. These three politicians fight for corporations’ right to maximize profits instead of fighting for Americans’ right to fully-paid universal healthcare. Instead of converting our current greedy “FOR-PROFIT” healthcare system to a “NON-PROFIT” system, Hillary, Obama and McCain prefer corporate welfare – using tax dollars to fund corporate profits!
This is worth repeating and highlighting: Hillary, Obama and McCain prefer to use billions and billions of our tax dollars to pay for the profits these greedy insurance companies, HMOs and pharms enjoy. The politician’s job is to CON Americans into believing the best they can do is to make healthcare premiums, “affordable.” What a crock! It’s bad enough that two-thirds of Medicare/Medicaid goes directly to the profit pockets of these corporations; yet Hillary, Obama and McCain want you to keep making ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS to the greedy corporate profiteers.

The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world who does NOT enjoy fully-paid universal healthcare! The anti-universal healthcare propaganda is staggering. The drug lobby writes our nation’s healthcare bills – Congress doesn’t. Over 100,000 Americans die each year in America’s hospitals from medical negligence. Another 100,000 Americans die annually from LACK OF healthcare, due to corporate exclusionary policies. In other words, the technology was there to prevent death; but was not used, due to corporate decisonmaking regarding “profit-protection.”

Yet there is Hillary, smiling and talking about how she cares so much about the plight of Americans’ healthcare and how she has devoted her life to implementing “universal healthcare.” The woman has done NOTHING AT ALL OVER THE YEARS to convert our current “FOR-PROFIT” healthcare system to a “NON-PROFIT” healthcare system; Hillary, Obama and McCain’s job is to convince Americans that paying insurance premiums is the best we can do, so criminalize the act of NOT purchasing healthcare insurance.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this situation changing anytime soon. Certainly not by the end of the next Presidential term or even the next. Implementing fully-paid universal healthcare is going to require the American public to become fully informed of the facts of the situation, to the point of voting for partyless candidates, since NO PARTY CANDIDATE WILL EVER IMPLEMENT FULLY-PAID UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!

The world will continue to enjoy fully-paid healthcare while poor Americans will continue to go without healthcare – healthcare already being paid for, but not received.

Universal Healthcare video – r o n

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25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
We The People need to do more than just “stimulate the economy.” Reducing the money our government spends (the majority of our budget) on military matters is key in reviving and freeing our economy. We need to change the way Washington politicians have been doing business in several areas:

1.) Cut the bloated Pentagon budget. Currently, there is over $3 trillion dollars MISSING – unaccounted for – in the Pentagon budget. (Former)Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made this announcement on, you guessed it – Sept. 10. 2001, the day before 9/11. Our government spends over X trillion dollars annually on our military budget. We can easily and safely cut a huge portion of this out-of-control bloated budget. Here’s a short must-see video which very simply illustrates how we spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on the military budget, and how we can easily acccomodate our nation’s budgetary needs by safely cutting the bloated Pentagon budget.

2.) End the bogus War On Terror and bring our troops home from around the world. This is long overdue. Prosecuting this bogus War On Terror is costing you and I untold billions of our tax dollars, for no good reason at all. There is no reason to keep troops all over the world. The Pentagon refuses to divulge the cost of keeping troops around the world. This is wholly unacceptable and downright criminal. Opponents of bringing our troops home maintain that peace though strength and military superiority is the best policy to protect America and U.S. interests. Well, basically I agree, BUT HOW TO achieve this is the devil in the details.

We have the most advanced and powerful military in the world, with the most deadly and accurate nuclear attack capability on the planet. There is no doubt we are able to defend America from state-sponsored attack. If nuclear missiles were launched from the Middle East, those missiles would have to leave the local theatre and enter outer space to travel the distance necessary to strike the United States. This process takes about an hour, so any attempt to strike the United States would be fatally interrupted by U.S. anti-missile technology. In fact, we have the capability to detect any such launch literally upon launch, therefore there is no doubt we would know the origin of any such launch. Everyone on this planet knows this fact serves as a deterrence accordingly.

The issue to be discussed is the matter of what constitutes “U.S. interests?” When viewed through the prism of U.S. law and constitution, our government has no right to execute a military strike anywhere for any reason other than by Congressional Declaration of War or by proof of imminent threat of imminent attack upon the mainland USA. Such policy would be in strict accordance with our American laws and U.S. Constitution.

Since George W. Bush has made U.S. foreign policy the illegal Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, our government has been unlawfully and unconstitutionally attacking, invading, destroying and occupying sovereign nations without legal justification or process. Ending all these illegal military actions would save American taxpayers untold BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars.

3.) Taxes. We need to eliminate the federal income tax for individuals and all small businesses. We need a flat tax on all corporations with at least $100 million in gross sales. The current tax rate is 38%. We need to lower it to 28%. You may ask, “Where and how do we make up the revenue lost?” The short answer is by cutting the bloated Pentagon budget and cutting wasteful spending.

4.) Jobs, jobs jobs. Recreate the manufacturing base. All the experts agree: in order to even have a chance at restoring America’s economic greatness would REQUIRE reconstituting our once superior manufacturing base. In recent times our economy has been converted from a manufacturing base to a service-oriented base. This is unacceptable and unsustainable in terms of true economic growth for America.

5.) Abolish the Federal Reserve. Abolishing the Federal Reserve would do more to improve our economy and actually lift our quality of life more than any other action possibly taken. The Federal Reserve is a private banking institution profiting wildly from loaning us our own money.
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25 April, 2008 Posted by: roncorvus
America has long bragged about being the most wealthy nation on Earth. Well, it’s time for us to put our money where our mouth is. There is no good, legitimate reason why America should not provide fully-paid universal college education for each and every American graduating from high school. There are bad reasons why America has NOT implemented fully-paid education for all:

1.) Corporations profit wildly from student loans;

2.) If our government provided fully-paid college education, our government would not be able to easily recruit citizens for the U.S. military. Our government dangles the carrot and stick promise of money for a college education. A poll of U.S. military members overwhelmingly cite “money for college” as their primary reason for joining the military.

One reason our government should provide fully-paid college tuition is because other nations provide fully-paid college tuition for each high school graduate. India provides single-payer, fully-paid college tuition for each Indian graduating from high school. Now India has more college graduates than America has citizens!!!!

And another thing: Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton call for American high school graduates to donate a whole year of their life working for the government for free, in exchange for a discount on college tuition. This is particularly numbing, considering while your kid is working for the government for free, foreign high school grads are actually going to college during the year your kid is workin’ free for the man. Foreign college graduates are not strapped with huge burdenous corporate debt upon graduation as American kids are here. Moreover, American college kids are two to three years behind foreign students.

r o n This webpage:
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