The Difference Between Progrecit and Facebook – Manuel Tejeda Ph.D

Many ask me the difference between ProgreCit and Facebook. Well, that’s a lot. Where do I start? FB just turned 17 and ProgreCit doesn’t reach 17 months. FB has been able to count on billions of dollars of investment and ProgreCit… well with your good wishes. FB has one of the world’s most developed algorithms, which controls what time, who you are, what you like and who you should relate to.

ProgreCit doesn’t have, and won’t have, that kind of ′′ technological breakthrough “. And also doesn’t censor for progress.

FB is for everyone and all things. ProgreCit is a private Digital Club, exclusive to people who advocate Social, Economic and Environmental Justice.

FB is for people and businesses. ProgreCit accepts only people, who of course can have business, but can promote them online only if they have some degree of Responsibility and Social Commitment.

FB is just a social network, the biggest and most powerful in the world. ProgreCit is more modest.

And it doesn’t even intend to establish itself as a “social network,” but its ultimate purpose is to become a kind of “War Room” or Virtual Staff, in a Collector Center (something like an original “Dispatching Center”) where progressives from around the world share your initiatives and seek support, collaboration or simply sharing knowledge and experiences from others with similar initiatives. Can you imagine the enormous impact that can have on the effectiveness, optimization and reach of those initiatives?

And lastly, the revenue generated on FB goes to stop its ultra rich investors, as it corresponds to a traditional capitalist company. In ProgreCit, a portion of the income of course will also go to those who invest in growth, positioning and development, but another part will go to social causes, support projects that help reduce poverty and preserve the environment. Just like that.

If you’re interested go to this page and check out “How It Works” everything: If you sign up, do not forget to put your actual photo, because we are proud people to be who we are and to fight for what we advocate, so we make all our members feel in a safe environment, with people with perhaps diverse ideas, but similar purposes.

People willing to change the world one step at a time. If you dare, you will be very Welcome or Welcome.