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Why is SSD not a good option for long-term storage?
Originally Answered: Is an SSD reliable for long term storage?
Long term? No.

SSDs store data in “floating gate transistors.” These transistors have a gate surrounded by insulator. A weird quirk of quantum physics means you can get electrons to “tunnel” onto the gate, passing onto the gate without crossing the space between, and then, since the gate is surrounded by insulator, the electrons remain trapped there.

However, the same weird quirk of quantum physics means that every now and then, an electron will tunnel right back out.

If you take an SSD, record files on it, and sit it on a shelf, over time the data on the disk will slowly evaporate. Come back in five years and the disk may be unreadable and all the files corrupt.

An SSD is absolutely positively no-nonsense not an archival storage medium.