The Problems With the Republican Party

I do not share the media and neoliberal Democrats’ nostalgic longing for the Republican Party of old. I’m glad Trump destroyed the old Republican Party. I say let it die a most unnatural death at the hands of The Crazies. I’m a progressive who believes there is no “right way” to be a conservative Republican, because no matter if you are an old school conservative or a MAGA Trumpaholic, both types of conservatives trade in hate, racism, superstition, “alternative facts” and are completely out of step with mainstream America and have been for decades.

The written goal of conservatives is to shrink government down enough to drown it in a bath tub. (GOPer Grover Norquist)

“Conservatism” is a form of mental illness. Conservatives are de facto anti-social creatures. Conservatism = HATE, RACISM, SUPERSTITION. Stop treating “conservatism” AS IF it were a legitimate political point of view. Conservatism is evidence of a greater illness: the politics of greed, hate and deception – also known as the Republican Party.